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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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for all of the journalists of fox news thanks for tuning in. analysis, context, perspective again now. and o'reilly, mr. bill o'reilly. he is fired up. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [chanting] >> violence erupts in oakland, california as the occupy wall street protesters refuse to obey the police. also, more anti-semitism among the occupiers. >> the jews commit more white collar crime than any other ethic group on the earth. >> ann coulter and dick morris will analyze. >> i'm going to wait until everybody is voted off the island. [cheers] >> did president obama steal that line from dennis miller? we'll play you the evidence. you can decide. >> it should be like survivor. >> would you please wait?
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are you just going to keep talking? or are you going to let me finish with what i have to say? >> bill: body language analyzes the body language between mitt romney and governor perry. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more violence from the occupiers. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night in oakland, california, some occupy wall street protesters try defy police orders marchionne city hall. [explosions] >> bill: at least five protesters were arrested. several injured. along with two injuries were ho were also hurt.
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1,000 demonstrators took part in the clash last night. and in addition more anti-semitism is surfacing among the occupiers. >> i will say that to jews control wall street, google jewish billionaires. google, jews, and the federal reserve bank. google, jews and wall street. the america's finances controlled by the jews. wall street, the media, the legal profession, the jews commit more white collar crimes than any other ethnic group on the earth. >> bill: in the face of that, a cbs news poll asked americans from what you have heard or read do you generally agree or disagree with the views the occupy wall street movement hold? 43% say they agree. 27% disagree. 30% unsure. talking points believes that reflects the media coverage of the occupiers, most of it favorable to them despite the violence and anti-semitism. it's really incredible when you think about it a good number of these people are radicals
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treatment from the press. cbs also has to question is money and wealth distributed fairly in america? 26% say yes. 66%, two thirds of the country say no. that it should be more even. well, the key word in that question is distributed. because wealth is not distributed in america. there is no central authority that dolls out salaries and investment returns. either earn it, steal it, inherit it, or win the lottery. there is no distribution. the problem is that many americans simply don't understand what's at stake here. the occupy wall street movement is basically socialistic. control who gets what. there is no question that capitalism isn't perfect or fair. some people who get wealthy do so by exploiting workers. that's always happened. but the alternative is cuba or greece. do americans really want' that? and who exactly are the bad guys here? steve jobs? he died holding 7 billion in
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assets. is he a villain? bill gates worth 59 billion. is he a bad guy? how about old warren buffet $39 billion on his sheet. do we hate him? do you despise leonardo decap how about tiger woods? he brought in $75 million last year. should these people be put in jail? should the government go to their houses and take their stuff in the primary goal, the primary goal of the occupiers is to demonize capitalism. again, most americans don't understand that but it's true. and it's right before our eyes. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. bring in the purveyor of dick mr. morris. i think president obama who once again equated the tea party with the occupiers last night on leno, okay, i think he and the democratic party are going to have to start distancing themselves. they are going to get caught. >> yeah, it's their demonstrating in oakland which used to be run by jerry brown, former mayor of oakland.
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you have to assume that he has hired radicals up and down the city government. and the oakland police need to use tear gas. imagine what happens when they get to a city with a more robust police force like chicago. i think that there is a very good chance that this one devolve into violence as the tea party never did. it's going to demonize the left in a way the tea party never did to the right. >> bill: all right, now, i agree with you. i see the picture is clear as i have seen anything in my analysis of the past 15 years. this movement did start as a populist movement. all right? people are discouraged, can't get jobs. not making any i'm teed off. that was genesis of it. again, the george soroses of the world far left radicals say we can use these people. let's get our community organizers, get the sciu in
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there. get everybody in there and agitate, agitate, agitate. ramp it up, ramp it up, ramp it up. and let's see where it goes. now, surely, barack obama understands that this is not like the tea party. surely he knows that. >> well, he may try to link them to demonize. >> he has on abulbasher of in occasions. this is a global movement. it's also part of the demonstrations in greece and in london. and sorrows' people stanley greenberg, bill clinton's expollster is deeply involved in the demonstrations against netanyahu and -- this is truly global. i think that ultimately this is a very serious mistake on obama's part. it's way overreaching on his attempt to generate high turnout on the left. george mcgovern in 1972. >> why the 43% of those polled by cbs fail to understand what's happening here? >> well, first of all, it's only
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beginning to happen. this is the first instance of real violence and street demonstrations in the united states. the occupy wall street crowd in manhattan has been fairly specific. and it's only beginning to come out that they are anti-semitic that the muslim groups are involved and stuff like that. and there is a feeling about income mall distribution. in 1908 before reagan took office, those the top 1% was making less than 10% of the income. now, they are making close to 40% of the income. i'm sorry, they were making about 20% of the income. now they are making close to 40%. >> bill: it's doubled. the world has changed since 1980. a global economy now. all you have to do is look at professional sports and how the salaries for the super stars are now off the charts peyton manning for example, somebody who can bring in fans and who can win games is much more valuable in 2011 than they were in 1980 because -- wait, because
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of television, worldwide cable, internet, all of these things make very few people very valuable. and this is not getting across. the economics of capitalism have changed with the technology that makes success so pervasive. >> i agree with that but there is a very important point that's lost in this. they divide the country into the top fifth middle, middle and bottom fifth. the liberal groups say top fifth has gotten richer and the bottom fifth has dropped or stayed the same. new bottom fifth. the bottom fifth. and said where were they 10 years later? only 16% of them was still in the bottom fifth. 18% were in the top fifth. and the others were in between. >> opportunity. >> individual upward mobility. >> the poor are getting poorer but they are new poor. new immigrants.
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>> bill: is this going to be a problem, this so-called income distribution which we shattered but people are still going to respond to it for the republic party which throws in with the top 1%? they throw in with them. >> that's the where herman cain comes along, representing small business, main street, the average businessman who is really the core of the tea party. tea party movement is essentially small business owners. and he represents that. romney would be a little vulnerable to this because he. >> bill: so is cain. cain has a lot of money, but he represents a pizza parlor. >> bill: there are different pathways for sure. >> also, none of it was inherited. i think that cain, one of the reasons for history popularity in the republic party is that he speaks for small businessmen who hate wall street, because it crowds them out. >> bill: they don't like him. >> just like big labor and big government because it threatens them and nobody speaks for them.
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>> bill: dick morris, everybody. check it out on dick we have a bill o' question for you. besides fox news what would be your first tv news choice. you see the candidates there please select one and we'll give you the results on friday. next on the run down this evening. ann coulter on the occupiers also have thoughts on mr. obama chatting up with jay leno last night. dennis miller on talk and my interview with governor perry. miller up ahead. p ( phone ringing )
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, president obama in campaign mode out in l.a. seeking counsel from entertainment people. he dropped in to see jay leno as well. >> you just announced the troops coming out of iraq. we have like 4,000, i think were killed. billions of dollars spent. what was accomplished? what did we accomplish there? >> well, look, saddam hussein is gone and that's a good thing. the iraqis now have the opportunity to create their own democracy, their own country, determine their own destiny. >> bill: wow, that sounds almost like mr. obama supported the iraq war. joining us now from los angeles where she is following mr. obama around, an coulter, the author of the book demonic. all right. so the president was smooth last night as always. he was smooth. if you had never seen obama
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before and just landed from mars and saw him you would think he was a nice fellow, he has nice mannerisms. i am not alone in finding those mannerisms increasingly grating because he does have a history of policies that are very destructive to the country and sort of arrogant manner about him how he will not change course. and talk down to people who disagree with him. so, even what were charming mannerisms are getting really annoying. >> bill: a new fox news poll just out. it's very interesting question. it asks people if so and so were elected to the presidency and they go by obama or they go cain, they go romney. would you be distraught, distraught, i mean, really crazed, scared, president obama comes in at 48%. by far the highest. even you, coulter, i think you didn't -- i think you beat him. that was a joke. just kidding.
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>> i'm actually a little disappointed it's only 48%. >> bill: that makes it impossible almost impossible if the election were held tomorrow the president will win. if 48% of americans say i would just be scared and distraught if this man were reelected. half the country. >> sure but what about the other half of the country. >> bill: they are not distraught. there are varying levels of we love him. he is okay. so, so. >> bill, everyone's 401(k)'s are in the dirt. housing prices are collapsing. the unemployment rate is through the roof. we have a 14 trillion-dollar debt and obama's sean let's spend more. more on public school teachers and another 30 billion on public school teachers. we need another stem loves bill. he passes obama care which has made an absolute mess of the economy. we cannot recover as long as obama care is on the books. what is the matter with the 50% of the country who would not be distraught with another four
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years of this guy? >> bill: half of them, some of them -- i will break it down for you. you have got the big labor vote. you have got the hard core liberals at 20%. you have the ethnic vote. you have got a lot of that coalition that barack obama can count on. he can count on it? >> right. but i think it's important to point out at this juncture that republics should not consider beating obama a cake walk. he has everything you have just described. he has the mainstream media we have to be very serious about nominating a candidate who can take out obama. >> bill: and the republic party itself is divided. >> it always is in a primary. >> bill: no, no. but philosophically the republic party is divided between very conservative people and moderate republicans. no doubt in my mind about that. >> e henks. >> the occupiers here is what president obama said last night on leno about them. >> as president, you look out your window, you see this occupy wall street movement. what do you make of it from your -- >> look.
5:17 pm
people are frustrated. and that frustration has expressed itself in a lot of different ways. expressed itself in the tea party. expressing itself in occupy wall street. everybody needs to understand that the american people feel like nobody is looking out for them right now. >> bill: and you say? >> i would say this would not be half as annoying if he were not buddying around with his pals at goldman sachs and city bank and solyndra and all of his rich friends. upper asking dick morris earlier how is it that 43% of americans can say they sympathize with the goals of occupy wall street? i think it's very simple. because of the name occupy wall street. in point of fact, these people are not against wall street. they are walking right past george soros' house and protesting outside rupert murdoch's apartment. well, you know the name of the group isn't called occupy producers of products we disprove of. they say wall street. i agree with them and i think they are ruining a good cause. when wall street is not behaving in a free market way, taking
5:18 pm
speculation, risk taking, all of that is good for the economy. but when the bets go bad and they go running to their democrat friends in the white house from bill clinton to president obama. and get bailed out by the american taxpayer, that is not a free market. i think all americans should be angry about that sort ever crony capitalism and the crony capitalism you see with obama end sending all this money to his green project friends for ridiculous projects that will not go nowhere and won't provide energy. all democratic donors. that isn't capitalism. that isn't the free market. as for ininequality, it's a red herring. the lives well in the soviet union. hugo chavez and fidel castro live very very well. freedom or big government. big government and his rich friends get richer and richer. if you get rich on your own like the rich people you were mentioning fine, more power to
5:19 pm
you. >> bill: if obama care is not repealed the american history of americans may wind up in the hands of the federal government. should would he be afraid? body language takes a look at the growing feud between governors perry and romney. that should be interesting moments away. tltltltle emotional here? aren't you getting a little industrial? okay, there's enough energy right here in america. yeah, over 100 years worth. okay, so you mean you jus. actually, it's cleaner. and, it provides jobs. and it helps our economy. okay, i'm listening. [announcer] at conoco phillips we're helping power america's economy with cleaner affordae natural gas... more jobs, less emissions, a good answer for everyone. so, by reducing the impact of production... and protecting our land and water... i might get a job once we graduate.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tent, as i said years ago the fact that the federal government will be assembling the american histories of americans to expedite obama care is troubling. >> your health records will be transferred to the federal government. an embarrassing condition people in washington could know about it. all of this infringes on personal freedom and that is very troubling. it's also very simple. do you want bureaucrats to know about your medical history? here now to analyze the kansas secretary of state chris cobach. you have a beef with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius who basically
5:23 pm
is saying, look, we are not going to get the names of people. the insurance companies and the hospitals and the doctors, they are going to pass along to our giant obama care data bank, conditions, but it's not going to be like chris cobach has lep lep prissy. that's what secretary sebelius says. what's wrong with that. >> there are a number of things wrong with it assembling giant database 200 million americans. every transaction, every prescription you had filled. every doctor's appointment. any condition you have. >> bill: they are not going to know it's you. >> they will assign a number to it but they have a date of birth. they have other identifying information. >> bill: no social security number they say. >> they will create a new set of numbers. the problem is somebody can decode those numbers if hhs ever does want to misuse that information, they can. secondly, there have been a history of government bureaucrats losing laptops, not just in hhs. >> bill: hackers and weeksers and all of this. no doubt about it i hate it they
5:24 pm
will know what the trends are so they can set the prices and they can set the medicines and all of that and then they are saying but nobody will ever know it's chris cobach or bill o'reilly who has this condition. do you believe that? >> i don't. >> you don't believe it. >> i don't believe it because i have seen enough of what they say obama cir is about and what we later find out it is about. i i also think it's going to be easy to but the 2 and 2 together. once they know your birthday and my birthday. if that information becomes public it would be pretty easy to put it together. >> bill: hurt somebody and look at their medical history and find out embarrassing things about them. it looks like it's going to go, unless it's repealed, which it may be if the republic wins the nomination or the supreme court throws out the mandate, then it looks like this is going to go ahead, right? >> they haven't begun assembling thus far yet. >> they're promulgating regulations right now. one other problem i have with this is it is inconsistent with
5:25 pm
sebelius' past positions when she was governor of kansas there were investigations going on into the abortion industry and she asserted privacy concerns. >> bill: tiller. >> bill: late term abortionist who was assistanted and she -- assassin at a timed. she said he doesn't have to hand over because of medical privacy. even though the state said and correct me if i am wrong, you are secretary of the state of kansas we don't want to know the names of the women who aborted their babies. we want know what the reason was for the abortion and she still said no. >> yeah. it was the attorney general at the time. he said we are seeking the records of 90 people who received abortions. we are not -- the names will be redacted. a judge was supervising to make sure no one's privacy violated. >> she said i'm worried about privacy. >> but now she is not? >> now she is not. privacy is a means to an end for her. defend the abortion industry and now she wants to defend obama care and privacy. >> bill: good point to point that out. you are one of the authors of the alabama, tough alabama
5:26 pm
immigration law, illegal immigration law that was blocked. two provisions were blocked. one requiring state immigration officials to check status of students in public schools. the other is making aliens carry proof of their citizenship or non-citizenship if they don't have it it's a misdemeanor, right. >> correct. >> bill: both of those been blocked as being punitive. >> blocked by the court of appeals pending. the district judge down below allowed those provisions to go into effect. court of appeals is temporarily staying it saying we have to decide. they haven't rendered any decision on it the interesting thing though is the argument that the obama administration's justice department is making regarding the documents. it's been federal law for almost 60 years any alien in the united states has to carry his documents on him, same thing we have to do. when we go abroad we have to carry certain documents with us saying we are permitted to be in the country.
5:27 pm
justice department argument is they are trying to find a conflict with federal law. make it a state misghoorn if you break that federal law. obama justice department argument is this we really don't feel like enforcing that federal law. >> bill: they don't say that. >> no they say it in their briefs. we don't enforce that law vigorously anymore so therefore it's inconsistent with our desire. >> bill: put that in writing. >> in the legal briefs and inconsistent with our wishes. >> bill: this isn't a pure political play they don't want to get involved at that retail level with monitoring illegal aliens. >> political but more troubling than that article 2 section 3 of the constitution says the president must take care that the laws are faithfully executed. >> bill: even the ones he doesn't like. >> here we have the president sayiying i don't like this law. >> bill: is he saying it through holder. justice department filed the suit against the state of alabama. all right, crist, very interesting. thank for coming in we appreciate it? >> my pleasure. >> bill: did president obama steal a joke from dennis miller?
5:28 pm
wait until you hear the evidence on this. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. úy
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>> bill: if you saw the factor last night you saw me ask mitt mitt -- perry about mitt romney. that was on display at the recent display. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> it's time for you to tell the truth. >> you get 30 seconds. >> time for you to tell the truth here, smith. >> i get 60 seconds and then you get 30 seconds to response. >> anderson? >> you knew. would you please. >> illegals working. >> are you going to stop talking? [boos] >> bill: you can differ with somebody like me and we are not going to slug it out, but there you guys looked like you are really don't like you too much. >> i don't know about that. >> come on. what do you mean you don't know standing there. you like them or not?
5:32 pm
>> you can't be for banning guns and all of the sudden you are for the second amendment. can't be for the issue of abortion and then you are pro-life. >> bill: you think is he a weasel? you think he doesn't have any principle? >> bill: here now body language mason -- maven tonya reiman. when mitt romney puts his hand on perry's shoulder what's that mean. >> dominance cue. i'm the one with the upper hand. the reason that happens is because whoever touches first is always the more powerful. >> bill: isn't that invasion of space. >> not only an invasion of space, but it also demonstrates a little rudeness. but, i will tell you, mitt romney wins here in every way. number one the height. >> bill: rude and evading. >> invaded with his hand but not his body. he has the height advantage. touches first. he has the last word complex meaning he has to get the last
5:33 pm
word. ins that also a power cue. >> you thought in that body language and hostile body language. >> perry tries to regain it see the point see his chin is tucked. he loses, one of the main reasons unfortunately that he loses is that romney is taller and romney is pointing and angling his body to rick perry as opposed to perry is straightforward. that's a big thing. he he loses points for that. >> bill: my interview with governor perry last night, the body language that he looked pretty relaxed to me. >> watch his head like a bobble doll. not side to side. really a bobble. what is he saying is i don't take responsibility for this response. when he bobbles back and forth like this it's indifference. >> bill: indifference to me or the question. >> to the statement when you are saying come on, you are not really wild about him? >> bill: you don't think he cares about him at all. >> he doesn't want to answer that that's why you see not necessarily the up or down or the side to side but the bobble.
5:34 pm
>> bill: i have got the figure going like crazy. >> you always wag that figure. >> bill: i think these guys slightly dislike these other. >> they are very aggressive towards one another to the point where they thought they were going to go to fists. >> bill: come on. >> listen when they were at that debate it got ugly. they were nonverbally head to head no doubt. >> bill: no clip from leno and president obama. but watch jay leno's body language on this one. go. >> thing that angers me and a lot of americans i didn't like it when they did to president bush and when they did it to you. our goal is to make this guy a one term president. does that anger you? how is that a goal? >> well, look, i think the thing that folks across the country are most fed up with, whether you are democrat, republic or independent is putting party ahead of country or putting the next election ahead of the next generation. >> bill: i don't understand why jay leno doesn't understand of course republicans one term
5:35 pm
president. democrats wanted bush to be a one term. >> drive point home. >> bill: jay is really upset about this. >> this bothers him. >> wash how calm obama is. >> when it is said obama does one hard swallow and tightens his lip. >> bill: this is such an easy one for him. >> he kept his cool throughout most of this. see the thumb up there and then the hand position. >> bill: thumb up means again. >> that's powerful. >> bill: the thumb is powerful. >> the thumb is power. certain people use it as anxiety but other people use it as power. >> bill: i will remember that and have my thumb up. >> there you go. >> bill: tonya reiman, everyone. when we come right back, did president obama steal a joke from the d man and tell it on leno last night? we have the evidence. you can render the verdict. next. i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying...
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. very interesting situation last week i asked miller about the debates whether there are too many of them. >> listen, billy, it should be like survivor, every week from here on in those guys should vote one of those guys off. we have got to whittle this down. >> bill: all right. then last night jay leno asked president obama about the debates. >> now, have you been watching the g.o.p. debates? >> >> i'm going to vote until everybody is voted off the island. [ laughter ] >> once they narrow it down to one or two, i will start paying attention. >> bill: he didn't say -- he was close. the sage from southern california joins dennis miller joins us. the white house send you a check. >> i don't need any more bounced checks. listen, i don't think of that as stealing. that's an easy joke. biden could have figured that one out. i see solyndra as stealing and
5:40 pm
the 16 buck muffin as stealing. >> bill: i could be absolutely wrong. i am going to submit that they saw the segment, they being the white house communications people and subliminally it stuck. and of course the president has some. here what what happens with jay leno as you know miller been on many times. jay will come in and rap with you. comes on in with jeans and spirit and motorcycle stuff and he says look this is what we have want to do. obama got his guys threatened a formulate what they want to say. i'm telling you i don't think it's an accident that the survivor thing after you said it was used. but i could be wrong. >> i do. i just think jay -- listen, jay likes obama. is he fond of him, i think. he likes having presidents on the show. quite frankly, i'm sure they feed him a few lines. i would, too. god, you get the president on. you want him to look good. i wish i could be calm as barack obama on television. that guy is smooth, man. >> bill: i said that top of the program very smooth. you are very calm though. when i go on leno and letterman
5:41 pm
i'm calm. >> i sometimes get a little antsy. is he so smooth that i'm hoping jay makes him his ed mcmahon on june 21st, 2013 because i think he is going to have some free time. i would put obama there in the ed mcmahon place. >> january 21st not june. >> i'm sure many in the audience do not want to give the president six more months. >> may, june, sometimes i mix vows up. the. >> bill: the president met with hollywood moguls. nothing secret in hollywood after it occurred. mccarthy was there and pinheads weren't there this was serious people. behind the scenes people. they were formulating communication strategy, which makes sense, right? i don't see anything wrong with that if you have got allies in powerful positions, you go to them for advice, right? >> guys don't get into hollywood
5:42 pm
because they are self-contained. in lieu of being talented enough to have an oscar on your shelf the next best thing is a picture of you with close proximity to the ultimate power which is the president of the united states in any given moment. i guarantee you i have been in enough of those offices for abulbasher of in those meetings when you look at the picture that shows you how close they are with the guy. they always look like they are honeymooning it in niagara falls the donor and donee look on his face like lloyd bucher when the north koreas made him read a message against his will or something. getting a photo taken would have meant something to some of those guys. some of those guys make zelleg look like a monk. >> fundraiser advice how we are going to package this. it is going to be a close race. that's why spending so much time on it. >> billie, let me tell you something about barack obama. is he playing kill the terrorist yahtzee. if he gets basher assad and four
5:43 pm
of a kind he can keep screaming yahtzee. if he gets four of these guys and get the economy better you know me i would have to consider voting for him. goes against the general's wishes and gets out of iraq or afghanistan too early that seems foolish to me. when the guy has guy in the crosshairs is he a killing machine. >> he is going to go out fighting. 48% of americans according to a new poll from fox and i cited this earlier in the broadcast say if he is reelected they are going to like leave the country. they will be that distraught. it seems to me that is very, very tough for him to come back but i could be wrong. i thought hillary was going to beat him in the primaries and i want everybody to understand that. >> a 2% of the people vote for barack obama. the 48 should know the country industry leaving them and not visa versa. >> this is like really fan nic. not we just don't like him. if he is reelected it's going to be all over. that's a very high number. rick perry on the factor last night. the governor make a come back. >> i thought it's the best he
5:44 pm
has being looked, billy. i will tell you this. that heartless thing was really, that's like romney with like newt gingrich with paul ryan. that's the thing about a gun owner. when they shoot themselves in the foot they are really accurate. i didn't think he could come back from that heartless thing. i thought he did really well on your show. first time i looked at him and thought what is this guy all about because up to here the first six weeks have been rocky. i thought he did pretty well last night. >> bill: i thought he was okay. he has still got some problems on the illegal immigration front. and the tea party people who were his main supporters have gone to herman cain and herman is formidable tea party guy. i don't know if governor perry is going to be able to get those people back, tea party people, hard right people who really want a conservative elected president. see, it's perry against cain rather than perry against romney. he has got to get the people away from cain. i'm not sure he can do that.
5:45 pm
>> no, i wouldn't say at this point. i would say. this i think he stabilized last night. i think he had gimbels as they used to say in the nasa program when something was spinning out of control i think he had gimbel lock. at least lived to fight another day after last night. one thing i didn't understand, bill, maybe you could tell me in the interview when you were talking about how much tax base would be lost, does it necessarily reflect that it would be lost? isn't it possible that tax revenue would go up in direct proportion to a diminish admission in the rate? >> bill: it's possible that would go up but over a period of time as more people come back to work. >> you mean first year. >> bill: 15 trillion-dollar debt now. you can afford to go to 17? that's the problem. you have got to do the calculation. how fast are we going to get this money? and there is no guarantee you are anyway. he didn't have the numbers. >> i think what he did last night is what huntsman has to do now if he wants to stay in. that is not even vaguely resemble the other side. last night when i watched him, i said okay for a while there he
5:46 pm
vaguely resembled the other side. at least now is he locked in on one side of the isle, i think. >> bill: miller and i will be discussing presidential politics for the bolder fresher show. miller, get on your game, boy. we will have thousands of people there it will be great. before the show. >> i'm going to bump it up. >> bill: running up the steps, miller, get the music and it's going to be great this coming saturday night i will be signing >> bill: i' be signing copies of killing lincoln of -- tales on bill o' did you see that on deck? very weird herman cain ad and muslims are joining the occupiers. why? the factor will be right back. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
5:47 pm
helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we begin with the council on american islamic regions, apparently they support the occupiers. >> muslims associated with the new york chapter of the coup sill on american islamic regions relations and council came to express their grievances and to speak of social justice. the director of the american arab association. >> we are here today because we are in solidarity and support of occupy wall street. >> bill: here now to explain all of this fox news correspondent juliet huddy. i'm a little confused. i didn't know cair was into socialism. >> let me splain to you. it's kind of getting that whole county fair type thing. you are going to have the 4-hers and elementary school choruses coming at any time. occupy wall street had a point and message. the message has been muddled. it might as well be called occupy.
5:51 pm
any group period. >> bill: they get attention to they show up. >> talking about them and they get what they want. >> bill: i don't know if there is socialism going on in saudi arabia. a will the of oil. >> i would like to follow them home and see if they are really not in support of capitalism? >> bill: you think it's a cry for attention rather than hard core solidarity? >> a lot of people that are out there are out there because they are not happy with the banking system. >> bill: obviously. >> a lot of people out there that want to be validated and a part of something. >> bill: a part of something? >> look, it's the number one, you know, segment on the news every night. >> bill: herman cain, you like herman. >> i like herman. >> bill: he is feisty guy, he puts out this strange advertisement, everybody has been talking about it. give you a taste of it, roll the tape. >> since january, i have had the privilege of being the chief of staff to herman cain. we need to you to get involved because together we can do this. we can take this country back.
5:52 pm
♪ one voice, united we stand. >> bill: i'm waiting for herman to blow smoke out. >> that is the most bad, you know what, commercial i have ever seen in my life. i love this. >> bill: maybe they are going for the tobacco vote. >> they go out to these veterans bars, you know, to sort of shake hands and greet, you know, guys are smoking there they are relating to people. the point is. >> bill: nobody smokes anymore. come on 12-year-old smokes? >> go out to the clubs and bars. you don't know what happens. oh, bill, let me tell you. >> bill: that's where the herman cain support is in the clubs and bars. when i saw, this i thought this guy was convicted of a crime or something. i didn't hear the sound. i'm watching in my office. i said what did he do? how much did he get? he is smoking, he must be getting sentenced. >> you and the rest of the media that called it weird and bizarre. >> it's cool. >> bill: it's cool? >> watch csi miami.
5:53 pm
david crouso takes his glasses off and looks at the person. >> bill: does he smoke. >> that's not the point. period but looks cool. this a cool commercial. >> bill: herman looking cool. that guy looks cool. everybody cool according to youl >> all cool. >> bill: i thought was stupid. >> you are wrong again. >> bill: not that herman is not. the whole spot. >> you better back up there, jack. >> bill: we don't insult people like that. >> i liked it good job, herman. >> bill: hudy likes commercial i think it is dumb. billy bob thorton and elvis in the zone tonight. p and p moments away.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
pinhead or patriots in a moment but first the mail. the interview with rick perriry, mark connelly from pennsylvania. governor perry scorned mit romney for switching some political positions but perry used to be a democrat and worked for al gore. kind of a big switch. and from california. marilyn, orlando, florida. mike, north hollywood, california. good interview, bill. gutsy. and richard fox, california. >> i appreciate that, richard.
5:57 pm
the memo posted on and san jose, california. from austin, texas. >> and from omaha, nebraska. because i'm in a similar position, laura, i know you can't read all the books. i read some of the books but my staff gives me notes on some of them. i was looking for a way to give him a hard time anyway. >> jim from california. >> and laura lee browntree.
5:58 pm
>> then you were look to be offended, laura lee. i dismissed thest being in consequencal, not the entire case. no one looks out for babies as much as we do. >> "killing lincoln in it's ninth printing. we thank you all. the most loyal viewers in the world, factor viewers. travis allen from richmond, virginia. >> now the landmark theatre in richmond is a nice place. here is what i suggest. get down there, wave the tickets around. an attractive lead comes by, one of these, and something might happen. probably not, but that's all
5:59 pm
i've got for you. finally tonight pinhead or patriots. the tide may be turning in hollywood. some are them are admitting they don't know much about politics. >> when they asked elvis presley what he thought about the war, he said to tell you the truth," sir, i'm just an entertaining. i don't know enough about anything to comment on anything. i really don't. i'm not that bright and not that informed. >> right on, billy bob! and citing elvis as a footnote. patriotic. that's it for tonight. please check out the fox news factor. and also i would hike you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' and the word of the day. no


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